Thursday, 13 March 2014

Traveling Woman

Another finish this week.  This one has been 2 years in gestation:

This is the Traveling Woman shawl/scarf by Liz Abinante, size medium, made from one skein of Luna plus 4 ply by Fivemoons. The colour is "Firebug", very bright and dramatic.  All through the knitting I thought I'd made a mistake with such a variegated yarn, but when it was blocked it looked fine.  It's on its way to Nottinghamshire now; it was never intended for me.   I bought the yarn on my birthday two years ago at Wonderwool Wales.  That was a good trip.  Martyn and I had a lovely weekend away in Wales.  We met some friends in Cardiff, found an excellent Italian restaurant called Giovanni's, drank far too much Bardolino and got to drive through the Brecon Beacons to a yarn festival to boot - the next day and sober I should add!  Sadly the scarf didn't make it to my friend for her birthday in 2012, but she can enjoy it now she won't mind my tardiness.

We're all on our own personal journey, with lots of ups and downs, twists and turns.  I can't imagine anyone for whom Traveling Woman wouldn't be appropriate.  It's a great and versatile knit and I'm already thinking about another which might take less than 2 years!

I've moved on to another WIP now, but I doubt I'll have another finish next week. In any case I really must put some work into a round robin quilting project and I won't be able to post photos of that for quite some time yet.


  1. Your shawl is very pretty and I like your sentiments about it. I had a knitting friend in Nottinghamshire named Pam, but sadly we've lost touch ;( I'm in the United States, but found your blog through Ravelry ~ happy knitting!

  2. I'm the friend in Nottinghamshire. I love, love, love my scarf, and I already know that it'll travel with me: Prague, Eastern Germany, and Berlin this August, and Colorado in May 2015. {Hugs}